When Would You Need a Carpenter?


What Does a Carpenter Do Exactly?

A carpenter is a person skilled in woodwork. There are categories of carpentry, each involving a different skill so that this person could be adept at only one or several types of skills.

A rough carpenter does work that does not need a finishing touch. Framing and roofing are two of the examples, so roofers and framers are called rough carpenters. They are skilled in erecting skeletal structures of buildings, this includes beams, rafters, and other work.

A finish carpenter may be skilled at making items like furniture, inlays, architectural models, or crafted wood instruments. They excel at fine measurements and intricate beautiful work.

A cabinetmaker will have a skill that combines a rough carpentry with finished carpentry, aimed towards creating cabinets. They can design and build a unique, functional and stylish cabinets for any kitchen, galley or office.

A trim carpenter specializes in moldings and trims to brighten up a room, including baseboards, window trims, ceiling trim and mantles. It can include cabinetry.

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